Create unique QR codes to give objects a voice

Drive customer engagement and delight your user. ZAZA QR codes enrich your product with a lightweight digital communication channel. Welcome to the world of Product-Led Communication.

  • Asset Tagging
  • Service and Maintenance Enablement
  • Brand Protection
  • Customer Care
  • User Experience
  • Consumer Feedback

Let your products do the talking. makes it possible to set up an instant communication channel between your product and your customer. Discover how it's done.

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A micro-portal for an audience of one

Every ZAZA QR code is represented by a Unique Identifier through patented file storage technology. A ZAZA code stores a single product's unique information. Ready to be revealed by a simple scan, ready to be be included in customer feedback.

Introduce physical products to the connected world

The old way of sharing product information and gathering feedback is not working. People expect instant information and frictionless communication. Connecting every product directly to the internet is not possible, but you can attach a ZAZA QR code which connects the physical with the digital world. bridges the communication gap between your customer and your product

Everybody has a smartphone. Everybody is online. These technological changes in the world of your user make it possible to benefit from's new technology.

Why is ZAZA different?

Traditional QR codes are linked to one action or dataset. ZAZA QR codes benefit from the underlying file storage technology which opens up a world of bi-directional communication and information sharing possibilities.
Traditional QR codes
ZAZA-powered QR codes

Traditional QR codes

  • Limited to predefined actions
  • No built-in feedback option
  • General
  • Long development cycles
  • Limited data integration

ZAZA-powered QR codes

  • Dynamic actions and content
  • Open a two-way communication channel
  • User, product and context specific
  • Short time to production
  • Bi-directional data integration via API or virtual files

What people say about ZAZA

“Thanks to' traceability solution, the actors involved can react more quickly and accurately to possible problems in the supply chain, thus offering better guarantees for overall food safety”.
Jonas Van hove
Innovation Manager, Vinçotte
“The simplicity of the platform allowed a quick roll-out: we quickly had a fully functioning solution set up."
Joris J. Stuip
Global General Manager, PTR Holland
"We use ZAZA in Digital Supply Chain projects where QR codes help our customers innovate and transform processes. The platform helps us build QR based workflows faster and more efficiently.
Wim Farasyn
Founder Lanark

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